The Circle of Feet

Why are these feet so important?  This circle of feet are are important to me because they are the feet of the men who have chosen to walk with me in this life.  Every week, we circle up and pray to end our time together.  This is typically the view I have as I bow my head.  It hit me last week just how many miles and years we have been traveling together.  Six or more years for most of us.  It is flying by.  


We have walked through many fires together.  We have also used these feet to kick each others’ butt from time to time when needed.  We have tripped along the way, stubbed our toes so to speak.  Some times our toes have been stepped on by others.  But all in all, these feet have been dependable, supporting the weight of us all in good and bad times.  


These feet run toward each other when help is needed.  These feet support the weight of a fallen man, a broken marriage, a sick child, depression, loneliness, grief for those who have lost someone dear to them, divorce, unemployment, destitute, drunk, strung out, the addict, and the abused.  


These feet are also the feet that dance, celebrate a new birth, celebrate a new marriage, celebrate the small victories that most men take for granted, if they even know it was a victory in the first place.  These feet have been washed by other men in this circle.  They have been commanded to walk a certain type of of integrity and congruency, honesty and purity, faith, dedication, trustworthiness and confidentiality.  They have also been commanded to walk a life of humility, grace, forgiveness, and walk to the best of their ability the path of Jesus Christ.  


I write this tonight as I sit outside in the cool fall air, listening to the crickets and some U2 from the ol‘ iTunes playlist.  I write this tonight because it hits me just how important it is for a man to be in a circle of feet like these.  I’ll never be alone again....because of these feet.  I’ll never have to carry a heavy burden all by myself again......because of these feet.  I will have help to walk the path I am called to walk...because of these feet.  


Men, and women alike, I hope and pray you have a circle of feet of your own.  If you don’t, I hope and pray you find one or take the initiative to try to start one of your own.  I know for me, I cannot imagine NOT having this circle of feet to look upon week to week.  Tonight I am thankful.....simply thankful to a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to provide this for me.  Lord may I never take this gift for granted.  Thank you Jesus...